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Recent Videos

Drill Powered Bike, Toolbox & Wheelchair

DPX Systems Cordless Drill Powered Mini Bike, Tool Box & Wheelchair filmed by This Old House at Orlando Florida Tool and Hardware Show

DPX Systems Drill Powered Pit Bike

The National Hardware Show is filled with zaniness. See more of it at thisoldhouse.com

DPX Drill Powered Bike Bike Demo Rides

Comments and reactions to the DPX Drill Powered Bike from people test riding the bike at organized events Videos supplied by www.drillbikes.com

DeWALT Bike vs DeWALT Drill Bike

To end the 2014 Telecel Drag Series, we decided to have a BIG day. To celebrate all the DeWALT successes through the 2014 season with Phil Archenoul, we held the DeWALT Drive5 Challenge Finale, which

DPX Systems Best Drill for 2014

ToolSELECT.com attended the 2013 DeWalt media event to take a look at their new XR series of brushless cordless tools. This video shows off their new compact cordless drill / driver using their XR br

DPX Cordless Drill Powered Warehouse Cart

This Video shows the capability of the DPX System when applied to a universal warehouse cart for moving heavy objects from place to place. This is just one of the unlimited applications for the DPX Dr

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Learn How To Make A Power Tool Drag Racer

This week, Bre Pettis takes you to the power tool drag races in Seattle. Learn how to make a racer!

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DPX Pit Bike with Ralph Sheheen

DPX Cordless Drill Powered Pit Bike ridden by Ralph Sheheen at the Hot August Nights Car Show in Reno, June 2013 www.dpxsystems.com

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