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Technical Info

New design and updates to the DPX Systems make the system fit most of the drills on the market from many different manufacturers.

This is the DPX Systems Module with a  standard off the shelf  Cordless Drill.  The   majority of our   testing has been done with the Dewalt XRP, but with minor   changes, many    brands   of  drills  could  be  used.
Update:  We have recently tested an easy modification so the 1.910″ 48.5mm Collar is not needed.  The smaller 1.690″ Collar can easily be modifed by removing the small collar with a disc cutter or hacksaw.  This leaves the small rectangular “cable holder” piece held on to the DPX system with 2 allen screws.  This will allow the system to me used with many other drills, depending on the length of the drill from the trigger to the end of the chuck.  Many of the new drills are 1″ shorter, and require a longer shaft to reach far enough into the chuck.  The shaft part number 63-270210 (1″ longer) is now available here     Installation of the shaft requires dis assembly of the DPX Drive System.  The next release of New DPX Systems will be re designed to fit several other drills, and brands other than Dewalt.  See details by clicking  here
New Cable Holders Available
We now have a new cable holder that replaces the older 63-270600 Drill Holder Collar shown in the photo.  Our new part #63-270615 replaces the older collar.  This allows the DPX System to fit most any drill, after making the correct adjustments for the Cordless Drill length variations for popular drills.
63-270200 Update63-270600 Cut63-270600 After Cut

Contact us by email for with questions.